Grand World Phu Quoc

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Grand World Phu Quoc

The name: Grand World Phu Quoc

Owner of New Vision Real Estate Company (Vinpearl is a shareholder)

Location Bai Dai, Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province

Scale of 851,096 m2, construction density of 19.68%

Type of Condotel, Shop & Minihotel.



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Grand World Phu Quoc project is located in a tourist complex of more than 1000ha including Vinpearl Villas, Vinpearl Safari and Vinpearl Land, especially next to Phu Quoc Casino (All projects are 100% complete & put into operation), Each year, this tourist community welcomes more than 800,000 domestic and international tourists to visit all year round. This creates an extremely suitable location to develop LEISURE, ENTERTAINMENT & TRADE SERVICES such as Sentosa – Singapore, Malacca – Malaysia, Macao and Hong Kong zones.

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Adjacent to Vinpearl Phu Quoc resort and entertainment complex, Vinpearl 5-star hotel & 18-hole golf course of international standard.

+ Adjacent to the largest entertainment area in Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land.

+ Right next to Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc zoo – the only semi-wild animal paradise in Vietnam.

+ There is a beautiful beach – Bai Dai is named as one of the 10 most pristine beaches in the world voted by BBC News.

SPECIAL: Located right next to CASINO CORONA (unique Casino allows Vietnamese players to play)


The internal utility system at Grand World Phu Quoc project is very diverse and abundant:

+ Food market, shopping from specialties to high-end brands in the Shop, Trade Center, Lantern Street, …

+ Spanish pedestrian street route

+ Luxury spa system, Hair salon, Nail

+ Park with many areas of green trees are cared for

+ Street art parades

+ Carnival costume carnival

+ The most modern street walking festival, sound and light

+ Modern water games in the world

Especially, Grand World Phu Quoc also inherited many benefits from a combination of resorts, entertainment and entertainment at Long Beach such as Casino, Theater, event hall, Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari, Vinmec, Goft Yard.

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Phu Quoc Casino

On November 21, 2018, the Government officially approved the policy of allowing Vietnamese people to play casino at Corona Casino & Resort Phu Quoc. This casino belongs to the project of Phu Quoc Tourism Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (Vingroup is a strategic shareholder).

Corona Casino & Resort Phu Quoc is located in a large-scale resort complex of Vingroup investor, with an area of ​​over 1,000 hectares including nearly 1,000 5-star resort villas, more than 3,000 5-star hotel rooms, international standard golf course with amusement park Vinpearl Land, Vinpearl Safari semi-wild park …. This is the ONLY place in VIETNAM to be allowed to pilot Vietnamese people to play.

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This is a “SPECIAL” real estate product in Vietnam real estate market. Opening up opportunities for VERY HIGH LIFE, INCREASING QUICK VALUE according to SPEED of Phu Quoc tourism development.

More Information

The RESORT – ENTERTAINMENT – TRADING SERVICE complex Grand World Phu Quoc is a real estate megaproject within the prime location of available VINPEARL Phu Quoc resort complex. It is located in 1,000 ha area and lies next to the Corona Casino & Resort Phu Quoc.
Three main lines of real estate product consist of shoptel, condotel and minihotel
The project was developed by New Vision company, Vinpearl is a majority shareholder and Vincom Retail takes responsibility for shoptel management and operation