The Victoria – Vinhomes Golden River

Project Description

1 18 - The Victoria - Vinhomes Golden RiverThe Victoria – Vinhomes Golden River2 3 - The Victoria - Vinhomes Golden River

Mục lục

1 18 - The Victoria - Vinhomes Golden RiverThe Victoria – Vinhomes Golden River Sublimation architecture

54 independent villas and duplex villas with an area of ​​225m2 or more, with the style of neoclassical architecture with charming and luxurious beveled roof.

International living standards

Equipped with modern solutions to help bring a friendly and clean living environment:

* Backup power system * Wifi coverage throughout the area.

* Modern wastewater treatment system.

1 20 1024x523 - The Victoria - Vinhomes Golden River

Premium life
54 villas, 54 upstream families, converge elite individuals and successful peaks to share, connect and create a standard of living.

Ideal life is fully
Pioneer in applying the world famous “a city within a city” model in Ho Chi Minh City, Vinhomes Golden River brings a whole life with perfect utility infrastructure for owners.

  • Vinschool high quality joint school
  • Supermarket system, restaurant
  • Parks, tropical flower gardens, riverside boulevards, …
  • Sports area with golf practice, tennis, badminton, basketball, pool, jacuzzi, beauty care, relaxation …
  • Vinmec Central Park Hospital, Vincom commercial center and Vinhomes Central Park riverside park
  • Boating.



1 19 1024x521 - The Victoria - Vinhomes Golden River

  1. Center Square
  2. Grass to organize events
  3. Historic square
  4. Square sculpture art
  5. Playground and utility square
  6. Landmark Tower Square
  7. River view area
  8. Riverfront rest area
  9. Swimming pool for residents
  10. BBQ area
  11. Observation area with panoramic view of the river
  12. Tropical Flower Garden Paradise
  13. Waterfall
  14. Palm garden and landscape lake
  15. World Garden
  16. Outdoor Gym & Fitness Zone
  17. Multi-purpose utility yard
  18. Vinschool shuttle area
  19. Vinschool outdoor school garden
  20. Vinschool school park and lawn
  21. Green fence
  22. Garage entrance / exit.
More Information

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Vinhomes Golden River is built on the land of Ba Son located on the Saigon River, right in the heart of District 1.

With a prime location, 54 villas The Victoria, Vinhomes Golden River adjacent to the most beautiful riverside boulevard in the city, panoramic view of the romantic Saigon River.