The Metropole Thu Thiem

Project Description

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The Metropole Thu Thiem

Construction period: 04/2018

Number og block: 5

Number of apartments: 456 units

Apartment area: 60 – 150 m²

Number of floors: 12

Construction density (%): 29

1 23 - The Metropole Thu Thiem


1 1 - The Metropole Thu Thiemdu an the metropole thu thiem - The Metropole Thu Thiem



Because of the prime position, from the Metropole project location, residents have many options to connect to different locations quickly:

– Thu Thiem Tunnel and East-West Highway meet the circulation requirements for District 1, District 5, District 8, Thu Thiem Peninsula, District 2, District 9, and quickly to Mekong Delta provinces.

– Thu Thiem Bridge 1, 2, 3 and 4 connect respectively to Binh Thanh District, District 1, District 4, and District 7.

In addition, the 1.5km-long aerial pedestrian bridge connecting Thu Thiem urban area to the end of Ham Nghi road, District 1 will be a highlight to create vitality and comfort for residents here. It would not be too bombastic to say that the owner of Metropole was able to “take a step to the street”.

1 24 - The Metropole Thu Thiem


Internal Utilities:

The Metropole Thu Thiem is inspired by the quintessential designs in Barangaroo (Sydney), East Circular Quay (Sydney) and localized to best suit the Vietnamese context and culture. Therefore, in this project, you will find a great combination of elegance, sophistication but still very close and familiar. The project owns a complete internal utility system according to 5-star standards, including:

– High-class overflows swimming pool, directly view from Saigon River and Bitexco

– Multipurpose system of gym, spa, sauna, and yoga

– Green park, mini garden combined with children’s play area

– Landscape lake, commercial center, tennis court, outdoor BBQ area.

External Utilities:

Besides that, the level of the internal utility system is the complete and diverse of the external utility system, in order to bring the residents the most comfortable and complete life:

– Opera House: The new Opera and Ballet Theater is located in front of the largest and most modern project campus in the city with a capacity of up to 1,700 seats. The new theater is expected to be the art focal point to meet the increasing enjoyment of the people.

– Central Plaza: a modern, large shopping square with famous brands and shopping brands. In here, there will be a walkway connecting directly with Nguyen Hue Street (District 1). If there is no need for shopping, residents can completely relax.

– Convention Center: an international standard exhibition center serving the urban community as well as the whole city.

– Cresent Boulevard Underground Link: a busy commercial traffic road of the urban area.

– Empire 86 Tower: Commercial and administrative center, office after finishing construction will be the tallest building in Vietnam, passing Landmark 81 at Vinhomes Central Park.à nhà cao nhất Việt Nam, vượt qua Landmark 81 tại Vinhomes Central Park

More Information

The Metropole Thu Thiem has just officially launched the market in July 2018 and immediately received the attention of real estate investors in Ho Chi Minh City as well as customers who need to own apartments. This is a project of Quoc Loc Phat with partners: Son Kim Land and Vietcombank, formerly known as Song Viet Urban Area. With a beautiful location adjacent to the Saigon River and possessing a direct view of the city center (CBD), Metropole is one of four projects that are most interested in rivers in Thu Thiem Urban Area, next to Empire City. , Eco Smart City (of Lotte), Vinhomes Thu Thiem.