Thu Thiem Lakeview Shophouse – CII

Project Description

Mục lục


Location: plot 3-1, 4-7 and Thu Thiem urban area, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The remaining plots, including 3-2, 3-6 and 4-8, will be Lakeview 3, 4, 5 in the future.

Project owner: Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company.

Total area: plot 3-1: 14,059m2 (Lake View 1)

Plot 3-2: 9,474m2 (Lake View 3) Lot 3-6: 9,474m2 (Lake View 5)

Plot 4-7: 6,516m2 (Lake View 2)

Plot 4-8: 9,474m2 (Lake View 4)

Project scale:

Thu Thiem LakeView 1 is 4 floors and has all 105 apartment units from 2 to 3 bedrooms Thu Thiem LakeView 2 is 4 to 6 floors. LakeView 3 and 4 have 4-floors townhouse, and the highest apartment is 6 floors.

Handover time: early 2018 for Lakeview 1 and late 2018 for Lakeview 2



LakeView 1 is located at the corner of the North-South Avenue and the lakeside Street. The location of LakeView 2 is on the lakeside and CT4 road. From where the project goes, it only takes a few minutes to walk.

vi tri du an thu thiem lake view 918x1024 - Thu Thiem Lakeview Shophouse – CIIvi tri du an thu thiem lake view 918x1024 - Thu Thiem Lakeview Shophouse – CII
Thu Thiem LakeView project location

This is also the most beautiful position due to the corner between the road along the central lake and the North-South Avenue. Because it is located at the intersection of two major roads, the selling price of the apartment project on LakeView 1 is also more expensive.



Convenient services just need to walk out of the house. The distance from Thu Thiem Lake View project to the key points of Thu Thiem urban area is as follows:

_ Through a width of 22.6m residential road to go to an international school.

_ Crossing the lakeside road with a width of 29.2m is to the central lake of Thu Thiem.

_ 500m to Thu Thiem Bridge 1.

_ 600m is to the cultural house, Thu Thiem museum.

_ 800m is to Central Square.

In addition, right inside the project has been designed with a series of internal utility services such as: ground floor swimming pool, green campus, children’s play area, fountain … and then Mini supermarket, convenience store is located in the shophouse area of ​​the project.

More Information

Thu Thiem LakeView Shophouse – CII is a project of apartment, townhouse, shophouse which is invested by CII in Thu Thiem urban area, District 2. This is also a first low-rise apartment project (4 to 6 floors) in the North of Thu Thiem Residential Area, and was handed over and put into use in the early of 2018.