Safira – Khang Dien

Project Description

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Project name: Safira – Khang Dien

Location: Vo Chi Cong, P. Phu Huu, District 9, HCM (Right next to Mega Ruby project)

Investor: Khang Dien House Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company

Area: 27,120 m2 (2.7 hectares)

Scale: The project includes 4 blocks, 22 storeys high, arranged 1,570 apartments with area from 50 – 89m2 (1BR – 3BR)

Apartment type: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, Shopping Mall & Duplex

Construction unit: An Phong

Management unit: CBRE

Design consultant unit: Accco

Unit design ideas: Ong & Ong

Guarantee bank: Vietcombank

Legal: Pink book, permanently owned by Vietnamese people, 50 years for foreigners.

safira khang dien - Safira – Khang Dien


Khang Dien Safira project is located on the front of Vo Chi Cong street (Vanh Dai 2), P. Phu Huu, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a very privileged position, residents easily move to the city center as well as the surrounding area. In addition, the strategy focuses on developing the East Zone infrastructure. In particular, the core of the city center was moved to District 2, focusing on Thu Thiem Urban Area, the neighboring areas such as District 9 and Thu Duc benefited greatly. At the same time, the project is located right on the arterial road of the city, connecting the East, West, South North and Southeast provinces. This is the driving force for increasing the Real Estate value in this Region. From the project Safira Khang Dien residents move.

– About Sala Thu Thiem Urban Area Center only takes 20 minutes – 10km.

– About Ben Thanh Market District 1 only takes 25 minutes – 13.5 km.

– Go to Phu My Hung District 7 takes only 25 minutes – 13 km.

– About High-Tech Park District 9 takes only 15 minutes – 8km.

– About Mai Chi Tho Boulevard District 2 only takes 10 minutes – 5.8 km …

vi tri safira khang dien - Safira – Khang DienVi Tri safira khang dien - Safira – Khang Dien
Location of Safira project – Khang Dien

In addition, the project is also adjacent to large projects in District 2 such as Kikyo Residence, Lake View, Palm City, Saigon Sport City, Himlam Binh An, Nam Rach Chiec Sport Urban Area … Residents also easily access facilities outside the area such as a commercial center, buying: Parkson Cantavil, Vincom Megar Mall, … international schools and hospitals.



When the urban land fund is gradually becoming narrow, Khang Dien investor is very spacious, allocating more than 2.7 hectares of land to build Safira Khang Dien, bringing a comfortable living space for urban residents.

– 1000m2 swimming pool is located right in the central park to create a green landscape.

– Community living area of ​​1438m2

– The kindergarten area is located on the first floor and the second floor with a total area of ​​1532 m2, which is an ideal space for children.

– Gym with 500m2 view to the pool creates inspiration for everyone.

Safira apartment with a view of both inside and outside the main street. Creating a busy and convenient commercial area for residents.

The lobby of Sapphire apartment project is divided into towers one by one. Each block has a welcoming lobby with a spacious space to embrace the landscape.

Not only inherit perfect and spacious interior facilities. Sapphire apartment also inherits the utility of adjacent Khang Dien townhouse projects. With the loss of greenery, parks and pools account for 60%.

In addition, the project also inherited the external utility, adjacent to the big urban areas of East Saigon area such as Thu Thiem urban area, Nam Rach Chiec urban area, Cat Lai urban area, An urban area. Phu An Khanh, … And a series of commercial centers, universities, international hospitals …



As expected, Khang Dien investor build Khang Dien Safira project with 4 Blocks with 1570 apartments, area from 50 – 89 m2, including base 1 + 1 – 3BR. The project is 22 floors, 2 basements, 1 floor has 21 Shophouse units and 26 Duplex apartments, 3rd – 8th floor has 14 units each, 9th – 21st floor has 19 units each, the 22nd floor is technical floor .

Each Block has 3 elevators (including 1 transport ladder), 2 emergency staircases, 1.6m wide apartment hallway, 2.4m wide lobby waiting. This is considered the standard size of Khang Dien apartments which are pursuing.

mat bang safira khang dien 1024x730 - Safira – Khang Dienmat bang safira khang dien - Safira – Khang Dien


More Information

Following the success of Jamila Apartment Project, Khang Dien continues to deploy Safira apartment project – Khang Dien. The project has a nice land area right at the front of Vo Chi Cong Street (Ring 2) and has an area of ​​up to 2.7 hectares. The project will become the focal point of the real estate market in Saigon East Area.