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General information Lavila

Contrary to the confined space, Lavila Nha Be villa has proved its attraction thanks to its investment in green, landscape and closed security.

Located on the arterial route Nguyen Huu Tho – Saigon South, only 20 minutes from the city center, Lavia project of Kien A Group is planned as a new, modern and methodical urban area but still kept be pure nature. This has attracted a large number of customers to LAVILA to find a peaceful living space but still have access to modern amenities and living environment such as Phu My Hung, District 1, District 2 …

The location of Lavila can be called the center of the upcoming South Saigon area. It is located at 5 Nguyen Huu Tho St, Phuoc Kieng, Nha Be which is also the intersection of Pham Huu Lau and Nguyen Huu Tho. With this position, the price of Lavila villas will be very competitive because there are also many adjacent villas which are of great interest to customers.

Should I buy Lavila villa?

This is a question that customers will definitely set out, Khai Hoan Land also honestly consulted with you about buying real estate as well as Lavila villa that is: Buy for what?

– First: You buy Lavila villas to invest, we recommend you buy at an early age because you buy early and you choose a nice location and a lower price. Our experience is that almost 99% of projects have increased prices after opening sales. On the other hand, the infrastructure of Saigon South is having information such as: Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Huu Tho traffic, Ben Luc – Long Thanh highway … A lot of information is worth to invest in Lavila villa.

– Second: You buy to stay. If you buy and want to stay now, you definitely should not buy it because at least 2 years after the project is completed. But if you buy so you can buy it later today.

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How much is Lavila villa sale?

With the location of Lavila villas and the area of ​​investors provided, we can deduce that Lavila villa price ranges from 5 billion VND (adjacent) to 15 billion units (alone along the river). This is also a very competitive price compared to adjacent villas projects in Saigon South Area.

Conclusion: As we have analyzed above, this price will definitely increase after the first launch so you should book early.



vi tri du an lavila nha be kien a - Lavila Nha Be – Kien A

5 minutes to Phu My Hung and high-end current residential areas

7 minutes to enjoy the shopping, entertainment, relaxation experience of crescent mall, sc vivo, lotte …

12 minutes to move to the mind, France-Vietnam hospital

20 minutes to the city center – q.1.



Living space at Lavila

Like other projects of Kien A Group, Lavila villas are designed in a friendly lifestyle, creating interaction between people – people – nature. The project area is devoted to trees, walkways, parks and landscape lakes. Unique design helps each family get the necessary privacy thanks to the partitions along the balcony, not separate from the common space of the whole area. Lavila promises to create a peaceful and gentle life between fresh nature, and still inseparable from modern facilities and not too far from the center … That will be what residents can find in the living space to feel contact at Lavila.


The project is inspired by nature. The wood, stone and exquisite decorations also contribute to differentiating and inspiring each living space as well as the owner of the house.




Internal Parks (up to 4ha & 400m stretch of river walk) is designed to be unique and unique.

Inspired by the famous Keukenhof park of the Netherlands, Lavila interior will be full of colorful flowers, jogging, sports and relaxation areas designed along the Shrimp River and around the landscape lake. .

Park divided into 3 zones:

  1. The campaign area
  2. The retreat
  3. Natural area


– Hospital (FV, Tam Duc …)

– School (RMIT University, Dinh Thien Ly)

– Trade center (Crescent Mall, SC Vivo, Lotte …)

– American International School (AIS).

More Information

The total area of ​​16.4 hectares consists of 268 garden town villas, using area from 188 – 215m2 / unit (1 ground – 2 floors). Lavila city villa creates new attraction in South Saigon real estate market