King Palace – Hoang Quan

Project Description

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King Palace – Hoang Quan

Address: 108 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, HN

Land area: 6.973m2

Total number of apartments: 410 units

Scale: 36 floors and 3 basements

Floor 1-4: Trade, services, offices, international preschools

Floor 5-36: apartment

Attic floor: outdoor swimming pool, gym, community living area

Utility project: restaurant, swimming pool, gym, international school.


King Palace Apartment is located on 108 Nguyen Trai Street, right next to the crossroads, and also experience utilities of Vinhomes Royal City, designed with modern style, optimizing utility, multi-utility form, synchronous, promising to please all customers.

+ The North borders on residential area of ​​Thuong Dinh ward

+ The Eastern borders on the new urban area Royal City

+ The South borders on Nguyen Trai road

+ The West borders with Cu Loc road

The prime location at the main gateway to the southwest of Hanoi capital with convenient and convenient facilities connecting traffic to the central area of ​​Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, the area of ​​the West and the South of Hanoi. The project has connected synchronous infrastructure with full facilities of schools, hospitals, commercial centers and parks.

vi tri king palace - King Palace – Hoang Quan

The project has a length of over 100m along Nguyen Trai road, the road is adjacent to many important arterial roads such as ring road 2, ring road 3, Lang road, Le Van Luong and Khuat roads. Duy Tien, Nguyen Xieng, Pham Hung …. With this position, future residents will easily move to many locations inside and outside the city easily.



King Palace Apartment was built with the desire to bring a comfortable, modern and luxurious life, so all utilities are designed in a diversified and synchronous manner to meet the needs of residents.

Standard internal utility services:

– 3 basements with an area of ​​7,716 m2 for parking

– Commercial services, offices, restaurants

– International preschool

– Outdoor swimming pool, gym, entertainment

– Floor living community and health care

tien ich king palace - King Palace – Hoang Quan

Internal utilities meet the needs of residents but still ensure privacy, quiet and security, not overloaded and noisy like some other urban areas.

External utilities are fully, easy access to the most modern transportation system in Vietnam, the system of schools, hospitals, markets and busy commercial centers.

King Palace Apartment inherits all of the area’s existing utilities, such as Royal City urban area, high schools and elementary schools, high-quality universities, convenient transportation connections and copper technical infrastructure



108 Nguyen Trai Apartment Project is arranged with a reasonable density of 8 units/floors with an area ranging from 81m2 – 259m2 corresponding to the types of apartments with 2-3 bedrooms towards young households or family with many members.

Layout of the 5th floor of King Palace Apartment

Layout of the 6th – 35th floor of King Palace Apartment

Layout of the the 36th floor of King Palace Apartment.

mat bang king palace 1 - King Palace – Hoang Quanmat bang king palace 2 - King Palace – Hoang Quanmat bang king palace 3 - King Palace – Hoang Quan

King Palace Apartment is designed by leading architects, with luxurious, modern and smart style, ecological style brings life close to nature:

– Design optimization of utility

– All rooms have open slots and windows that help capture natural light and wind

– Apartment density is arranged logically and smartly

– High quality furniture.

More Information

King Palace has been highly appreciated by the market, because of a series of desirable advantages in location, utility, technical infrastructure system … The public do not only call as a series of fine words such as “The safest apartment complex in Hanoi”, “The smartest real estate project in Vietnam”, which King Palace also received prestigious awards in real estate circles such as “Top 5 most outstanding projects Hanoi “in 2018,” Top 10 projects to draw the most cash flow in Vietnam “in 2018.