Lucasta Project

Project Description

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Owner: Khang Dien House Investment Joint Stock Company

Management: CompanyCBRE

Design company: MIA Design Studio

Lead architect: Steven Baeteman

Project scale: 8,2 ha

Total number of villas: 140 units

Designs templates: Single and duplex

Land Area of villas: 166 m2 – 900 m2

Legal: Certificate for each unit, long-term ownership

Utilities: swimming pools, parks, children’s play areas, gym, regulating lakes …


Lucasta is a high-class eco-villa area which is developed by Khang Dien professional real estate development company and Khai Hoan Land Real Estate Joint Stock Company, in which Khai Hoan Land is the official distribution agency. Located in the heart of the peaceful new residential district of District 9, adjacent to the administrative center of District 2, Lucasta is surrounded by a 1-hectare artificial lake and a harmonious natural landscape, bringing the most exquisite living values.


The project area is highly planned with a series of regional best luxury villas projects, such as Mega, Park Riverside, Villa Park, Riviera Cove, The Eastern, etc… and construction density is almost lowest. Around and inside the project, there are many trees and water surface, plus big rivers, so the living environment here is really fresh and cool. Lucasta is commented as “Green Pearl” in the heart of the city by experts.

Khang Dien investor devotes 65% of the internal area to build a green area from a landscape lake to a beautiful and colorful 1ha tropical flower gardens, a green and eye-catching walkway,etc…bringing to the definition tranquility and fresh air for residents.

Therefore, Lucasta is planned in the form of resort, which will give you and your family the best quality of life.

du an lucasta 7 - Lucasta Project

The green part of Lucasta creates excitement for investors and customers


A plus point of Lucasta is the high-class design that makes many residents have to croon because of the elegance or the sophistication of the project. Proud to be honored in the Top 5 “Excellent Interior Design” of the 2015 Real Estate Award, Lucasta is a spectacular breakthrough in the heart of peaceful District 9.

2 8 - Lucasta Project

Interior as international standard at Lucasta villa

Contemporary architecture blurs the boundary between architecture and nature bring a high-class life, 5-star resort standard in the heart of the inner city. Each piece of high-class interior decoration in each villa is a musical note in the harmony song that shows the elegance, nobility but equally subtle, understanding the art of the owner.



Located in the center of District 9, on the frontage of Lien Phuong Street, Lucasta Villa is adjacent to the intersection of Long Thanh – Dau Giay and Vanh Trong Street, create a convenient distance to the city center; but also separate enough to avoid the bustling and noisy city.

Lucasta promises to bring a prosperous life with 5-star UTILITIES, only 10 minutes from the center of District 1 and 15 minutes from Phu My Hung new urban area

du an lucasta 5 - Lucasta Project


Understanding the wishes of modern families about the comfort and safety, Lucasta project is designed with 24/24 security compound; inside is full of quality UTILITIES to serve the common needs of residents’ life.


Entering Lucasta, residents will be experienced a peaceful life with nature, freely expressing their lifestyle in the most perfect way.

du an lucasta 4 - Lucasta Project

Artificial Lake – 1ha


5 2 - Lucasta Project



du an lucasta 2 - Lucasta Project

Công viên – MiniMart


7 3 - Lucasta Project

In addition, its prime location with accumulated value over time, Lucasta project has many out-of-town UTILITIES: schools, golf courses, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, high-tech zones … to convenient for living as well as work, entertainment.

Utilities around the project:

mat bang du an lucasta - Lucasta Project

More Information

Lucasta is a high-class ecological villas developed by Khang Dien. Located in the heart of the new residential district 9 and next to the administrative center of District 2, Lucasta is surrounded by 1 hectare artificial lake and harmonious natural landscapes, bringing the most delicate living values to our resident.

The distance between the villas of Lucasta was extended to ensure the ideal living space, luxurious yet simple & comfort



Located in the Central of District 9, Lien Phuong street, Lucasta lies near to Long Thanh-Dau Giay and Vanh Dai Trong free way. It creates not only a convenient distance to move to  the center of Ho Chi Minh city, but also sufficient separation to avoid the crowded and noisy area.

Lucasta promises to bring a prosperous life with the 5-star facilities. It takes just 10 minutes to move to the center of District 1 and 15 minutes to  Phu My Hung.