De La Sol

Project Description

Mục lục

Project De La Sol location

De La Sol apartment is located at 1, Ton That Thuyet, district 4, Hochiminh city, which is estimated as a strategic location. Here residents can easily and quickly move to central area of District 1, district 2, district 5 and Binh Thanh district.

De La Sol 3 - De La Sol


The project owns more than 50 outstanding ultilities and elegant design just for DeLaSol’s residents.


  • Water filtration system
  • 100% backup power system
  • Modern fire alarm system
  • Solar power system
  • 4 security tiers

Detailed information

Typical apartment

  • 1 bedroom -60m2
  • 2 bedroom – 72m2 ~ 78m2
  • 2 bedroom Dou – 84m2
  • 3 bedroom– 93m2
  • 3 bedroom Dou– 100m2
  • 3 bedroom Trio– 86m2
  • Exquisite interior design

Individual balcony for each apartment

Open-air and well ventilated living space

Finished units. Convenient place for rent or stays

Efficient ratio of apartment area

Internal communication system for +1 and +2 Studio (duo and trio key apartment)



  • Developed by CapitaLand, the one and only international investor at “CBD Lite”
  • Connecting to central districts of HCM city
  • DeLaSol is designed base on unique musical ideas
  • Possesses more than 50 utilities
  • Introduces Duo and Trio-key apartment with internal communication system for the first time
  • The project does not include officetel to ensure the privacy and security for residents
  • Finished units.  All apartments are equipped with smart key to make it more covenient for rent.
More Information

De La Sol Capitaland is the project of Capitaland launched in real estate market of District 4, Ho Chi Minh city. The 3 towers are under construction consists of luxury apartments, commercial area and basement parking. This is a land area of 1.45ha.


Based on the vibrancy, energy and dynamic qualities of music, De La Sol is THE PLACE to live in and be seen in – at the CBD Lite - with active facilities and Instagram-worthy surroundings, for a young and vibrant lifestyle. Here in De La Sol, you live to the beat and find the rhythm in everyday.